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The California International Studies Project (CISP) conducts a statewide project, the Contemporary World History Project (CWHP), to prepare high school World History teachers for leadership roles in engaging their students in the complexity, excitement and intrigue of history and world politics.  CWHP is particularly interested in involving classrooms with a high proportion of English learners or at-risk students.  While the content is rigorous enough to challenge college students, the program's groupwork strategies and focus on content literacy successfully engage students who normally tend to have little interest in World History or commitment to school.  It is this type of student who consistently makes the greatest gains. What is particularly remarkable is that in other states, this program's prototype is only offered to honors and college students.

CWHP operates at two levels:


a multi-year knowledge and skills development program for participating teachers;


a computer-assisted, international negotiation simulation for their students.

Over 1000 students and their teachers in northern and southern California participate in a typical year. CWHP staff include master teachers and specialists in curriculum development and academic technology.

Explore these pages to learn more about what we do, download a CWHP Brochure, or visit our Equity and Access website.  Equity and Access is the heart of what teachers practice through CWHP.


Delegate Central • The Scenario • All Curriculum • World Hist Units • Modern World Problems Units • Curriculum Supplements • Teacher's Corner • Calendars • Contact Us

CWHP is a project of the California International Studies Project (CISP), a state-funded Subject Matter Project designed to strengthen student performance through the preparation of exemplary teacher leaders.  CISP headquarters are based at the School of International Studies, University of the Pacific.

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